Tuesday, February 26, 2008

pantone 520

so i suppose i should introduce the name, pantone 520, to those of you who have no idea what that might mean.

a "pantone + number" is a simply genius way of categorizing color to make design and printing endeavors less complicated.  

so there are hundreds upon hundreds of pantones -- all with a designated number to coordinate with the various hues. 

needless to say, as with all things, i have a favorite pantone.  520 is simply the most amazing color.  it's the perfect shade of purple -- not too eggplant, not too dark, not too girly, not too majestic, it's simply divine.

i will say, at this present time, i have a crush on all things black and white (hence my website, www.micamaydesign.com) but my true love lies with pantone 520.